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If you're wondering "Who the hell is that Lily" we can easily explain you...keep reading, and all your question will be answering

:star:Who's Lily?
Lily is an amazing japanese artist, author of a lot of beautiful piece of art, mostly about Naruto, but NOT limited to it (some works are about Prince of Tennis, some are about Death Note, and other series) and a big part of them are shounen-ai/yaoi based
It is rumoured that Lily = Nagoya Haruku, that Nagoya Haruko is a pen name she used for her earlier works. I don't know if it's true.

For reference...
Nagoya Haruko = 古屋ハル子…

:pride: thanks to s-nessa who send us a note with a lot of information about Lily's identity

"Nagoya Haruko = Nara Chiharu = Lily "
I don't really know who "Nagoya Haruko" is <- still searching about that, but "Nara Chiharu" and Lily is not the same person, though their style could be quit similar to each other. :)
Remember the doujinshi ya found? [this one ->… (ラブシック, Rabushikku) ; it said the author: 橘 紅緒 (Tachibana Benio ) and Illustration: 笹上 (Sasa Ue ). Looking at the art, we can safely say that "笹上 " is Lily's name. After that I searched for Lily's work in the japanese amazon; there are only two works listed under her, the one you have found and then another one where she's the author. ^.^ I have also searched under "Nara Chiharu" (奈良千春 ) , about her works, bio etc. I found a list with all her dramas. She's a BL novel illustrator and none of her works have the name "ラブシック, Rabushikku".
So yea they are not the same person, although their style is quit similar. Lily have always the same style, while Nara Chiharu have changed her style, quit subetly over the years. Already in 2005 their style is already quit similiar, however each style is still unique to each other heeh. Just look at their hair. >.<
Also if they are the same person, then in Nara Chiharu's bio, they'll say something aout alternative name or something like that. :P Hope that helps. <3

:star:Where can I see her works?
This is Lily's homepage:…

:star:Why a Lily-FC?
First of all because we love her...she deserves it!
Secondary...because we want to share with you this love
Thirdly because...we need a lot of help

If you have visited her homepage...we're sure you've noticed she has A FEW PART OF HER WORKS on it...(only 6 "Naruto" drawings, and 5 about "Prince of Tennis")
We don't know why...but she usually adds a new picture ONLY on her diary, and every time she deleted the oldest one...(she changes picture every 2/3 days)
So we can see ONLY a new picture on every update...and if we didn't do it just in time...we lose it forever...because she hasn't an other site with ALL HER WORKS...
Or at least...we didn't know...
Every time she updates pics in numeric order.
After a long time, with a lot of search...we have collected some of her oldest works too.
But we still lack AT LEAST 400 pics in total...

:bulletred: Wanna help us with this long search?
:bulletred: Wanna help us to searching if she really has an other site WITH ALL HER AMAZING WORKS?
:bulletred: Do you know her mail-address?
:bulletred: Can you traslate japanese?
:bulletred: Do you wanna simply support us, because you love her, too?
Your place is here

Every information about her is HAPPILY accepted :heart:

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